The Restaurant

Hudson is an American-inspired meat restaurant. The menu includes a variety of cuts, burgers, sandwiches and a variety of classic dishes with a unique twist. Our raw materials are at the highest level, fresh and excellent and we try to let them “speak for themselves”. Our meat processing process is unique and uncompromising, the meats receive dedicated and meticulous care at our butchers.

The Butcher Shop

At Hudson we love meat and this love is reflected in the variety and quality of the cuts we have to offer. Our staff accompanies the cows from the meadow to the plate, we offer chunks of fresh and selected Israeli beef only. The slices are aged in aging refrigerators, using the “Dry Aging” method.
The rate of obsolescence is not uniform and therefore we offer daily only the chunks that have reached an optimal degree of aging.
It is possible and desirable to order portions in advance, when booking the place in the restaurant.


The restaurant is open Sunday to Thursday from 12:00, Fridays from 17:00 and Saturdays from 13:00