Hudson Lilienblum 41

The Restaurant

Hudson Lillenblum 41, is our new version of the old Hudson restaurant, in the heart of the revitalized Lilinblum Street. Here you will find some of our range of quality cuts, sandwiches, burgers and a variety of classic dishes with a unique twist.
Our raw materials are of the highest standard, fresh and excellent and they will “speak for themselves”. Here, too, the dedicated and meticulous care of our beef chunks is uncompromising.
In the pulsating kitchen, a charcoal oven that allows for a unique and deeper flavor in every bite.


At Hudson Lilienblum 41, events can be held in the “office” – a private room for meals and joint events, the room can accommodate up to 12 diners, with unique menus.
Meat workshops and wine events can also be held on site.
The “office” can be rented without a meal, for a business meeting or for any other purpose.
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The restaurant is open Sunday to Thursday from 12:00, Fridays from 13:00 and closed on Saturdays